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How It Works

SavvyMoney is targeted to borrowers who have the financial means to at least make minimum payments on their debt, but just need a simple tool to guide them.

SavvyMoney makes getting debt-free as easy and efficient as possible, allowing users to create a comprehensive plan to organize, optimize and pay-down all types of debt.

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You have the power and the discipline to get out of debt faster and save thousands of dollars in interest and Go Debt Help is here to help.

Debt Help for all your Debts

Go Debt Help was created to give people more options and better ways to get out of debt. There are many companies that say they can get you out of debt through Debt Consolidation, Debt Consolidation Loans, Debt Settlement and Debt Negotiation. Go Debt Help gives you more options to also create your own Debt Plan to save money, pay off debt faster and possibly help your Credit Score.

Go Debt Help has partner with the premier Debt Help companies in the US to give you the power to pay off your debts, save potentially thousands of dollars while doing it, and letting your try it for FREE.

Whether you are looking for a debt consolidation loan or simply trying to eliminate your debt quickly, has a solution for you. Debt Consolidation comes in many different forms, so let our helpful tools, articles, and debt help programs work for you.

Go Debt Help gives you options

To get out of Debt, you can create a personalized SmartPay Plan™ online in as little as 10 minutes. It’s simple and easy to do, giving you many options on how to start.

The SmartPay Plan™ will automatically calculate the optimal debt payoff strategy for you based on your debt situation. This includes in what order you should pay off your debts and how much to pay towards each account every month. No more guessing on which bills to pay the minimum, and which to pay extra. We make it easy!

You make payments on your bills and lower your total debt to follow your plan each month and the SavvyMoney membership will help you track your progress to become debt free automatically with alerts, tips and tools to help you stay on plan.

All this gives you the power and discipline to get out debt faster and save thousands of dollars in interest and penalties.

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